Thursday, 13 October 2011

a short one.

I think this will have to be short. My arms and shoulders ache from washing my hair the other day and probably typing!

Today hasn't been a good day. As I'm sure a lot of other suffers know all too well, I don't sleep very deeply at night. I have an iPhone and I downloaded the Sleep Cycle app to monitor how I sleep - I think in two weeks I've had one night where I've dipped into deep sleep, and apart from that I've been yo-yoing between awake and asleep. This is what it looks like < And that is the only night I've been asleep properly :(

I had to go and pick up a prescription today for my tranquilisers; a week ago they didn't have enough and I had to go down their personally. The walk takes about five minutes from my house, but we stopped off at R's mum's house for a bit of a rest. Then we went down to the high street and I picked up my script. R needed to get an aerial for the tv, so we had a look in QD and had a drink in the cafe which was quite nice. R cooked tonight, so we popped into the supermarket, but I was so dizzy and sick by this point I needed to sit down. It didn't help that the shop was heaving and the lights were just glaring, but eventually I got up and carried on.

We got home after stopping off at R's mum's house again for lunch, we had a nice soup which made me feel a bit better but I was so full afterwards. I went home and read for a bit and fell asleep for a couple of hours, I was just too exhausted to stay awake.

We had dinner, but I really couldn't manage much. I helped R do the washing up and then went to bed, where I am now. I don't think I'll be up much longer, I'll probably read or something to try and relax. I don't feel necessarily tired; I couldn't do much (like go out or anything) but I just feel drained. I am trying to cheer myself up by looking at Christmas gifts but my eyes are hurting and I just want to...I don't know really. I haven't got to do anything tomorrow, although I will have to at some point get something for lunch.

Anyway, this was a totally pointless entry - nothing much of note to say. I had a chat with my OT yesterday but I'm too exhausted to explain it now.

I hope those who read are better. Stay bright. x

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